Sunday, July 15, 2018

Elmers Auto & Toy Museum

Eagles Bluff
Elmer and Bernadette have been busy for the past 25 years displaying their restored, rescued and refurbished collection of cars.

At their museum in Fountain City, atop the highest point along the Mississippi, you'll see their amazing private collection. Lovingly cared for by a crew of volunteers from the area. Many who have caught the passion of preserving everything for pedal cars to antiques and classic muscle mobiles.

Just a few items you could buy

There's 5 large buildings packed full of chrome and rubber, carefully dusted and rearranged to accommodate the newest find.

Sorry no photos were allowed in this museum, so you'll have to go see it for yourself.

Special Tractor Show

They have a schedule of events when they are open. We happened to come when  a display of vintage Tractors were set up. Entrance of $10 per person was well worth at least one visit to see what it was all about.

Elmers Salvage

This is the place where Mike and Frank from the American Pickers show come to drool.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Great River State Trail-Trempealeau to the Wildlife Refuge

The last 6 miles of the Great River State Trail are full of stops. From the Village of Trempealeau, Perrot State Park, ending in the Trempealeau Wildlife Refuge.

A detour at the Hwy 35 trail head and you can swing into Trempealeau for everything from breakfast at the River Café, a cocktail on the deck at the Trempealeau Hotel or dining at the 50 year old supper club Sullivan's. Plus there's a great view at the Lock and Dam, or stretch your legs on the Little Bluff Trail. This weekend also happens to be Catfish Day's, the biggest celebration in this little river town.

Another detour is Perrot State Park, a short connecting trail takes you right into the campground, check out some of the sites right along the Bay and then head over to the Nature Center and a visit to the restored prairie. Or you can do a little paddling with a rental from the Headquarters.

At the end of the trail is the refuge, with lots more ground to cover. You can explore the roads and dikes by bikes. Here we could almost make it to Trempealeau Mountain.

Be sure to make it to the overlook.

A must have on the trail, since they can get a bit buggy.

Very dorky screen hats that easily fitted over our helmets. The 99 cent purchases from Amazon saved us from the knats and deer flies.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Great River State Trail-Lytle's to Trempealeau

The 6 mile stretch from Lytle's Landing to Trempealeau, WI covers the bottoms of the Black River. Lots more bridges as there is lots of waterways and opportunities to see wildlife.

About a mile before reaching the end is a historical stop at the 2000 year old Nicholls Mound. A Hopewell Burial Mound rising 12 feet above the tomb. Just one of many that once existed in the Trempealeau Lakes Mound Group.
The area was excavated in the early 1900's by the Milwaukee Public Museum, Wisconsin law now protects all burial sites for the future. 

After a nice ride it's always time for an ice cream stop.

Trempealeau's Driftless Bike 'n' Bean was a nice respite from the trail. Offering rich ice cream and aromatic coffees, they are open early to start your ride with a little go juice or reward yourself at the end of the trail.

They also rent and repair bikes plus they are adding on to their array of services with Caboose Café.

Just another reason to stop in Trempealeau.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Hanging in Holmen, WI

Halfway Creek Park
Do you remember your summer days, getting on your bicycle, setting the wheels  a spinning and wondering where you'll end up.

We needed to try out my husbands new wheels, an Ancheer, electric bicycle. It assists with pedaling making inclines much easier.

We decided on the short trail called Halfway Creek which starts out at the park in Holmen. It's a lovely 3 plus miles of wooded terrain that meanders back and forth over halfway creek bridges, connecting with the Great River State Trail.

Cones at Kate's North
From the park it's pretty much down slope. We took a spur trail that lead us to a newer neighborhood Remmington Hills, near Gunslicks shooting range. After a few wrong turns we got out bearings back and followed McHugh Road to the newest drive-in Kate's North for a well deserved cone.

Holmen Meat Locker
A few more stops to hanging out in Holmen. The Holmen Meat Locker. Not just meat mind you, they sell lots of delectables. Ususally my go to place for tastes from Wisconsin, like chocolate cheese and cranberries raisins.

Rudy's Feed and Seed

Then a stop at Rudy's Feed and Seed. Again they offer a plethora of products for birds feeding and hungry gardeners.

Here's my new partner for miles of adventures

Monday, June 18, 2018

Gittin' to the Point

Before SNL pointy heads appeared in WI.
Our city side trip from camping included Stevens Point.

As usual we opted for a stop at the local brewery. They've come along way being the 5th oldest brewer with continuous operation.

They ran a drop dead gorgeous campaign for the women featured on their blonde beer. The fellow is from an old photo from the brewery who went unidentified and eventually became their mascot.

Besides a variety of beers they are also into creating some interesting hard ciders and sodas.

The tour was well worth the $5 with plenty of sampling at the end. If you know your beer trivia you might win an extra sampling.

Stevens Point has an entertaining sculpture garden, with over 20 acres of wooded trails. Check them out at

Here's a few of my favorites.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Hartman Creek State Park

Relocated Historic Homestead
Another central Wisconsin park, Hartman Creek provides lots of hiking, biking and paddling. All those wonderful silent sports.

Whispering Pines Dock
We hiked some of the 10 miles of trails around the lower lakes. We also found out they had another 12 miles of off-road biking and another 7 miles for horseback riding. Trails galore.

Hartman Creek is connected to the Waupaca areas Chain O' Lakes. Over 20 natural spring fed lakes formed by receding ancient glaciers, offering crystal clear fun. Most are no wake and connected for some nice paddling, swimming or fishing. Some are even up to 50 feet deep.

Pink Locust Bloom

We stopped by the Whispering Pines Picnic area and hung out and soaked our feet while admiring the emerald green waters. This property was donated by a family to the state and still shows off their love of gardening.

Pines Garden Relic

Wild Iris

Pretty Sunfish

We also tried fishing again or rather feeding the fish.

Canada Geese family

On the way to fishing

The park also offers alternative camping, how about a Tee Pee for the night. Concessionaires on the property also offer a multitude of rentals. From peddle boats, kayaks and rafts to screen and camping tents if you forgot to bring yours.

Tee Pee

HQ display

A Tee Peek

Next up a side trip to Stevens Point.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Dells of Eau Claire

In central Wisconsin, somewhere halfway between the north pole and the equator, is a secluded hollow called the Dells of Eau Claire.

This Marathon County Park offers a scenic rocky gorge created by the power of nature. Water cascades into waterfalls eventually settling into a quiet stream for trout.

A small park with limited facitities for camping was a tranquill start of our long weekend. With no showers or dump station we transported our water in and planned to dump the next stop. Also for those wanting an electrical site you'll want to bring an extension cord since they are shared electrical posts.

We hiked the trails along the gorge and the old river bed. There was plenty of time to enjoy the grounds in a day or two and decided to venture out to nearby towns.

There really wasn't much to find. Of course there's always seems to be a casino nearby. This one was just completed and had some of the most amazing new technologies for gaming, especially at the black jack tables.

We had to stop at Nueske's Smoked Meats in Wittenberg. They're know for there Applewood Smoked Bacon

...and the adventure continues