Monday, April 28, 2014

HaRvey's Hints

As we discover the world of RVing I just want to share some of the more useful ideas and time savers we are coming across. I'm sure the veterans of gypsy living on the road know all the in's and out's. For us, it's lots of new discoveries and "so that's how they do that" revelations.

My first big thrill was making our own fire starters. Recycling lint from the dryer and toilet paper rolls. How thrifty and they work.

You'll probably find you have extras so wrap them up in pretty paper and a bow (recycled of course) and give them away. The recipients don't even have to unwrap them. Just toss in the fire pit and enjoy the glow. For special occasions add scented surprises such as sage or pine needles.

Okay now you think I've gone off the deep end, this new world of RVing can be all consuming.


April Showers Bring May Flowers

Signs of spring have arrived. The early blooms are here.

Pasque flowers can be seen on the Perrot Ridge Trail and Dutchman's Breeches welcome hikers at the West Brady's Entrance. Be sure to be on the lookout for Bloodroot, Trillium and Violets are soon to follow.

As you hike trails at Perrot keep an eye open for snakes. They are easier to spot before all the ground foliage hides them.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Campy Stories-Site 36E

Site 36E-view of Bay
Now that we own an RV, named "HaRvey", our worthy trailer took it's first voyage this past weekend at Perrot State Park. We chose the most sought after site by other RV'ers-site 36E.

We didn't have to battle anyone else for the opportunity to have site 36, which happens to be the only camp site on the edge of the bay and the convenience of electricity.

This site is pretty much reserved for the entire camping  season on weekends. It has a long drive of about 50 feet, the angle for the road is a bit challenging for backing up but doable. I think we just need more practice. The center of the drive was also extremely level. It's far enough away from bathhouse and vault toliet to make it peaceful place.

View across Bay-center white dot "HaRvey"
Keep in mind there is year round camping for walkins. Typically the electricity and bathhouse by the host site opens up as weather permits mid April. The dump site was also open, but to fill with fresh water you need to go to the shop.

Our early season adventure had many pluses as well. No Bugs. Plus the sites were littered with down and dead wood, making for plenty of firewood. No worries about flooding at Perrot, the campground is well above the flood stage.

There were several other campers out as well. With little greenery between the sites we still felt we had plenty of privacy. The lack of leaves afforded us better views of the sunset, night skies and we could see the critters around us scurrying about.

Fish Kills at Refuge
One thing we were amazed at was the activity on the bay, from ducks and snowy egrets, to day and night time fisherman. Kinda eerie to see the bright lights of a slow moving vessels hovering over the bay in the darkness of night. Thought we might have visitors of an extraterrestrial kind.

We enjoy several hikes in the park and at the Wildlife Refuge. The winter ice caused a large fish kill and the path was littered with fish heads, presumably left by scavengers or those extraterrestrial visitors.

The pelicans were passing through and we saw large flocks of them passing overhead.

So our first adventure was a success. We were well prepared for our new toys with a 4 hour orientation by the Pettibone RV folks and even enjoyed a welcome bucket of s'mores.

Note to self-Remember to bring pillows.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Signs they are a Changing

Spring was suppose to be here a month ago. Slowly the signs of spring are showing up. Trees are beginning to bud, the birds are showing up as well as the campers at Perrot State Park.

There's evidence of the hard work over the winter by the rangers, check out this lovely freshly painted sign welcome visitors.

There's always more work to be done at the park. Winter takes it's toll on the park, from downed trees to wear and tear on park structures.

This coming Saturday, April 26 is Work/Play "Earth Day" at Perrot. Volunteers are coming in from 9am-noon to help on various tasks from painting, picking up litter and brush cleanup.

If you'd like to help just call the Park Headquarters at 608-534-6409. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Joined the Club

We are now officially RV'ers. Just picked up the 20 foot travel trailer and ready to roll. It's our first and we hope to christen her this weekend.

She's pretty neat and compact but of course she wasn't perfect. We've already had the first alteration. The addition of an electrical outlet.

In this day and age you can't have enough. We don't expect to take all our worldly luxuries with us but being plugged in is probably the one we can't do without.

The adventure begins...

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ode to Spring

Looks like 70 degrees this week after a snow storm two days ago.

Time to get to spring cleaning and creative projects out of the way. When the warm weather hits I'm migrating to Perrot State Park.
Tulip Cake