Monday, April 28, 2014

HaRvey's Hints

As we discover the world of RVing I just want to share some of the more useful ideas and time savers we are coming across. I'm sure the veterans of gypsy living on the road know all the in's and out's. For us, it's lots of new discoveries and "so that's how they do that" revelations.

My first big thrill was making our own fire starters. Recycling lint from the dryer and toilet paper rolls. How thrifty and they work.

You'll probably find you have extras so wrap them up in pretty paper and a bow (recycled of course) and give them away. The recipients don't even have to unwrap them. Just toss in the fire pit and enjoy the glow. For special occasions add scented surprises such as sage or pine needles.

Okay now you think I've gone off the deep end, this new world of RVing can be all consuming.



  1. Hmmmm, I can think of some very interesting things to add to the fire plug....but it might destroy some friendships and possibly cause bodily harm.