Friday, August 26, 2016

Camp Donuts

This weekend is the Camp Cook Off at Perrot State Park brought to you by the Girl Scouts.

Although I'm not going to enter this year I thought I'd share one of my latest camp cuisines discoveries
I course I found this on pinterest and had to try it out.

Camp Donuts

Thick Onion Rings
Pineapple Rings
Mozzerella Cheese Stick
Steak Seasoning
Marinara Sauce

 First dry pineapple rings.

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Insert pineapple ring into onion ring.

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Layer mozzarella sticks on top of pineapple ring. Go for both sides for lots of cheese, if you're from Wisconsin.

Wrap with bacon. This will hold everything together.

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Almost finished.

Sprinkle with Steak seasoning.

Grill, turning frequently so as not to burn.

Make sure the bacon is nice and crispy.

Serve with Marinara Sauce.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pine Point County Park

HaRVey on site #26
To break up the long drive back from up north we schedule a few days at Pine Point County Park on Lake Holcombe.

This venue offered our own private dock at our campsite #26 for an additional $4 a day.

Sittin on the Dock

A small park with big amenities. We had electricity, a small beach, cheap firewood and our own access to the water. So this was where we were going to catch some fish.

We arrived on Sunday and the lake was a bit congested with pontoon boats and jet skis but by Monday the area returned to the fishing folks.

Gumbo for dinner, again. No fish!

Our little dock afforded us the chance to go out on the blowup boat as often as we liked along with getting out the blowup kayaks.

We didn't have much luck with fishing and we had less luck catching any of the
Perseid meteors showers. 

Fishing til Sunset

But we did catch a lovely sunset before we left.

On Golden Wakes

Good night

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ashland, Wisconsin

Our day trip from camping at Copper Falls included several stops around Ashland, Wisconsin.

Located along Lake Superior this quaint town loves it's murals.  We caught about half of the 16 murals of their artistic trip through Ashlands history. Here's just a few.

It was Saturday so we walked through the farmers market and found some unusual delicacies to try. Since the Foraging Program, these caught my interest, now I'm willing to try just about anything.

I've heard about it through the Tent Show Radio programs, now we actually got to go to it. Big Top Chautaugua. Kinda sounds like She-talk-Wa.

We caught the free matinee offered on select Saturdays, enjoying an energetic drum and dance group from Milwaukee called Ko Thi Dance.

The venue is located at the local ski hill. Here's an added bonus on display. A birch bark hut.

BTC has been around for 30 years bringing many big name performers to the area like Lyle Lovett,  Buffy St. Marie, Emmy Lou Harris and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Check them out if you're in the area.

 Always impressive are the Visitor Center provided by the federal government. A must see the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center has some great exhibits, many theater films and impressive displays.

Plus a fun gift shop. I collect magnets, this one was especially fun, kind of like a snow globe with water in it.

Our day finished with a stop at the Deep Water Grille for some bar food and beer tasting at the South Shore Brewery.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Copper Falls

Copper Falls
We spent sometime in the northern most region of Wisconsin taking in the unique landscape of granite and waterfalls.

Crossing the Rivers and thru the Woods

Copper Falls State Park provided us with a roomy campsite and a very elegant stroll along several picturesque waterfalls and over rivers and gorges.

Brownstone Falls

Recent rains filled the rivers for a spectacular hike. The area of Ashland County was recovering from severe washouts creating many detours on our journey. We made all our destinations except Potato Falls.  

Elegant Trail Head

Grinding Gadget

Since we were celebrating a birthday we cooked up a gourmet meal of Steak au Poive using Red Deer meat ( a gift from my sister)along with roasted mushrooms and vegetables. by the way it was delicious.

We needed lots of freshly ground black pepper, and as many campers find themselves in need of innovations, the handheld drill served us well.

Loon Lake Voyage
The park has a nice lake with beach with only electric motors allowed. Loon Lake was quiet and gave us the opportunity to take out the blow up boat and electric motor to spend a day of fishing. You could say I caught my limit of Perch, unfortunately they were all so small I returned them to their watery homes.

We did enjoy the Loons of the Lake which came to visit us in our boat diving underneath us. They appeared and disappeared repeatedly creating quite a show. Never could get photo.

A place to gather


Concessions Breakfast
Concession Building
On our last day we enjoyed the Pancake Breakfast offered at the concessions stand. You don't find this convenience offered at many parks. It was yummy having our pancakes and sausage with a cup of orange juice in such a lovely setting.

 FYI they offer the breakfast on Sundays and Wednesday during the summer season for $5.50. Can't beat the ambience.

Saturday, August 20, 2016


The Pond at Kinstone
With friends I attended the Wild Wisconsin Foraging program at Kinstone on the bluffs above Fountain City, WI.

Gathering with friends is always special as we searched for provisions with our guide, Wayne Weiseman. He helped us locate many common plants used for food, medicine and utility. They also shared their recipe for Elderberry Syrup and we got to sample some tasty syrups from Maple and Birch Trees.

Wild Lettuce
The new plant that impressed me was the Wild Lettuce which  I've been pulling and tossing with abandon. Now I find I could have been taking it to the kitchen as a wild edible.

Barn Mural

We learned about identifying plants and were given many great resources. How many of you remember Yule Gibbons, he's sort of the grandfather of natures nibbles.

Check out these websites for more information on 1000's of edibles plants. and

Goats and Chickens
During our day long event we also toured the latest developments at Kinstone. They've been very busy with many new additions including goats, prairie gardens and an aquatic systems to grow plants and fish.

Bee Keeping

Aqua Culture

New Accomodations

Prairie Decor

New Moon Gatherings
Lunch from their Food Truck

More New Accomodations