Saturday, August 20, 2016


The Pond at Kinstone
With friends I attended the Wild Wisconsin Foraging program at Kinstone on the bluffs above Fountain City, WI.

Gathering with friends is always special as we searched for provisions with our guide, Wayne Weiseman. He helped us locate many common plants used for food, medicine and utility. They also shared their recipe for Elderberry Syrup and we got to sample some tasty syrups from Maple and Birch Trees.

Wild Lettuce
The new plant that impressed me was the Wild Lettuce which  I've been pulling and tossing with abandon. Now I find I could have been taking it to the kitchen as a wild edible.

Barn Mural

We learned about identifying plants and were given many great resources. How many of you remember Yule Gibbons, he's sort of the grandfather of natures nibbles.

Check out these websites for more information on 1000's of edibles plants. and

Goats and Chickens
During our day long event we also toured the latest developments at Kinstone. They've been very busy with many new additions including goats, prairie gardens and an aquatic systems to grow plants and fish.

Bee Keeping

Aqua Culture

New Accomodations

Prairie Decor

New Moon Gatherings
Lunch from their Food Truck

More New Accomodations


  1. I was going to be impressed when I saw your food plate. Wow she made potato chips ! Well a gal has got to have her salt, eh?

  2. Not homemade on the chips, but it was a vegetarian burger and really quite good. I guess the food truck travels around a bit to several area events. Be sure to try them. I thought we would be eating what we gathered but thank goodness we didn't we would have gone hungry.

  3. I remember Yule Gibbons. You sure do find the most interesting things to take part in. Foraging for food in my book means opening up more than one cabinet in the RV.