Friday, July 29, 2016

Red Wing, Minneasota

Depot in Red Wing
Just north of Frontenac State Park, we chose Red Wing to venture around for the day. Many times we've stopped briefly in this quaint little town along the Mississippi River on our way to visit family in Minneapolis. Now it was time to savor the place.

Sculpture at the Levee

Our first stop to see the Depot Gallery and levee park. A friend told me about the display of Plein Air artist works, it was a delightful stop to begin our day. Redwing celebrates the arts with lots of sculpture in the park.

Salmon at Olivers Wine Bar

Between sightseeing we stopped for a refreshment at Olivers Wine Bar. It was hard to choose with so many fine establishments. The place had huge paintings adorning their walls. The kinda place I like.

Red Wing Pottery Museum

We tried to find an old favorite stop, the outlet for Red Wing pottery, but it was closed. Instead found a new favorite, the Red Wing Pottery Museum. Free and lots of great displays of their collections over the many years they've been around.

Old Kiln

Red Wing Pottery

Bloody's at the Bar

We also played 18 holes at Frontenac Golf Course. Situated on the top of another bluff, with more great views.

Lucky 13 Hole

Villa Marie Center  FOR SALE
Another surprise find was the Villa Marie in Frontenac. This Castle like building was once a girls school turned retreat. Unfortunately we couldn't get inside since it closed for good this summer. Wouldn't this make a grand place to stay. If only I'd win the lottery.


  1. How about a craft weekend at the Villa Marie?

  2. Red Wing is such an interesting little town.