Monday, September 15, 2014

Dream Catcher

Last weekend we took Harvey out to Merrick State Park and attended the Dakota Gathering in Winona, MN. We enjoyed fry bread tacos, some competitive dancing and crafts.
Harvey's newest accessory is a Dream Catcher-The Plains Indians say: You hand them by the window or at the head of your bed. The bad dreams get caught in the web. The good dreams work their way through the hole in the center, rest on the feather like dew drop, and evaporate to the Great Spirit in the morning cun. The prayer beads n the Dream Catcher trap all the bad dreams that are left on the web. The prayer beads then burn them up.

Dance Competitors

Unity Park-Winona
Decorated Teepees

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Off the Grid

We took Harvey on its first camping excursion without power. Being Off the Grid required some planning and figuring-out how things work without electricity. There's propane gas backup for the refrigerator and we have two deep cycle batteries to run water pumps and lights.

What doesn't work when Rving without electricity is the microwave, air-conditioner and television. Easy enough to plan meals without the microwave and the weather has been cooling off to make day and night temperatures comfortable. however it was a bit more of a sacrifice for my husband who likes to connect to the outside world with some TV news and entertainment. We couldn't receive any wifi or phone signals either. But fortunately the charging station in the Rv did work so our cell phones were ready and willing should we find any connection.

We found ourselves amid other campers on this outing, to a friends property. Everyone gathered around an outdoor wood fired pizza oven for some delicious food, sharing stories and homemade drink concoctions. It was easy to forget what we were doing without, with such good company.

So we survived our Gridless outing.

Oak Log pillow also comes in Birch
One note to others, when depriving yourself of modern day conveniences it's wise to compensate with creature comforts. Here's the newest addition to Harvey's interior. I think I now know were I'm going with the decor theme. This pillow just spoke to me, kinda like in "Twin Peaks"