Monday, September 15, 2014

Dream Catcher

Last weekend we took Harvey out to Merrick State Park and attended the Dakota Gathering in Winona, MN. We enjoyed fry bread tacos, some competitive dancing and crafts.
Harvey's newest accessory is a Dream Catcher-The Plains Indians say: You hand them by the window or at the head of your bed. The bad dreams get caught in the web. The good dreams work their way through the hole in the center, rest on the feather like dew drop, and evaporate to the Great Spirit in the morning cun. The prayer beads n the Dream Catcher trap all the bad dreams that are left on the web. The prayer beads then burn them up.

Dance Competitors

Unity Park-Winona
Decorated Teepees


  1. 'Sounds like a lovely get away. May you both have sweet dreams.

  2. What a great place to camp and enjoy the pow wow...wish we could have joined you for it.