Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall Time

I've been abstaining from screen time for the last month due to a concussion. Doctors orders after a Fall and Drag episode. Now I hope to resume blogging (getting back up on the proverbial horse).

So I will segway this Fall to Autumn at the park. September was a gorgeous month of 80 degree temperatures bringing many campers and day users to the park. They were welcomed by staff and a series of extended Nature Center programs on Saturday nights, with evening kayak and canoe tours of Trempealeau Bay.

The unwary visitors to the park were also welcomed by mosquitos. There was a mutant batch that wasn't suppose to hatch. The blood sucking females were suppose to meet their demise by a frost in September but the warm tropical temperatures released the hungry buggers on unsuspecting hikers and campers.

FYI-scientists and researchers report the eradication of mosquitos would not have serious ecological consequences.  I suppose it's just the methods to do such a favor to humanity that poses the problem. In my brief study I did discover Iceland does not have any mosquitos, you'd think they would put this in there tourism brochures.

Well anyway, happy fall (not the stumble kind) now that we've had some frost on the pumpkins. The air feels a little lighter, the night skies a little clearer and the leaves are so lovely this time of year. Enjoy.   


  1. Glad you're back in blogger land and that you must be feeling better. Concussions are nothing to take lightly and I hope you have a full recovery.