Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Ishnala viewed from Echo trail
Hidden away in the Dells is an old supper club once owned by the Hoffman Bros. It's specialty is the view on Mirror Lake.

Ishnala- meaning By Itself Alone.

I doesn't get any better for old world ambience, as this rustic restaurant. We first dined here on our honey moon and since have come back several times to admire the view.

Bridge walk

The long road in, is now flanked by land owned by Mirror Lake State Park. Preserving it's solitude from the expansive development of the Wisconsin Dells.

We were also pleased to discover the addition of a bridge and walkway along "Echo Rock Trail" which took us on a half mile walk from our camp site directly to cocktail seat. How cool was that.

Cocktail Decks of Ishnala
Dining room 

Ishnala Lounge

Ishnala viewed from the beach.


  1. Indeed Buena Vista or una vista buena!

  2. Lovely area - I've never been to Isnala - it would have been a great place for Greta Garbow when she "vants to be alone"