Friday, January 24, 2014

To Bad, So Sad

Again the weather wins, tomorrows Winterfest at Perrot State Park is canceled due to Winter. It may seem ironic but we are again dropping to below zero with windchills.

Gotta go right now and get my dip in the hot tub outside, it's been our first day in double digits above zero for what seems like FOREVER.

Stay warm my friends.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WinterFest 2014

Start the new year off right with a visit to Perrot this Saturday, January 25 from 11am-3pm.

Friends of Perrot are hosting their  annual Winterfest event with FREE activities. Celebrate the outdoors with complimentary snowshoeing, take a ride on a horse drawn sleigh or learn more about dog sledding. Kids will also enjoy winter crafts in the Nature Center and sledding nearby.

Don't forget to bring your own cross country skis there are lots of trails in the park.

Just a reminder vehicles still need a daily or annual sticker for admission into the park. New 2014 annual stickers are available and you can get a head start on a year of enjoying all of Wisconsin's state parks.

As always the Friends of Perrot gladly accept your donations. They help fund the Naturalist programs and projects around the park.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Go Fish

This weekend it's free to fish in Wisconsin, January 18-19. No license needed for residents or people visiting our state. So give it a try.

Yes, I suppose it will have to be ice fishing this time of year.  Be sure to obey the rules of fishing. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter Wonders

After a week of artic weather, we began wondering why we live in Wisconsin. The cold weather was brutal on our homes and hearts but now we can see the beauty again of snow laden landscapes and warming up with winter activities.

Some of the  reasons why we should honor winter -

It will kill off a large number of insects that would otherwise drive us back inside our homes in the summer. There's speculation that it will help hold the emerald ash borer in check for the season while infected areas are able to respond. No big poisonous spiders in Wisconsin.

We may be able to catch a glimpse of the Snowy Owl, these artic visitors come down from Canada, it's breeding ground, to search for food. It's favorite lemmings. They've been seen before in our area so keep an eye out for these birds especially at dawn and dusk. They are diurnal hunters so they can be seen during the day or night searching for food. Check in open areas on the ground that resemble artic tundra landscapes.

Eagles remain in our area hanging out by open waters of the Mississippi River. It's easier to spot them in the trees without leaves and you can often see hundreds out on the ice fields of the Trempealeau Wildlife Refuge.

Without winter we wouldn't have the beautiful spring blooms of lilacs and tulips. Remember many plants want to rest for the winter season for a spectacular spring showing. And don't forget the lovely fall foliage we take vacations to see before winter arrives.

Northern lights are viewable even in Wisconsin. However we do need a clear sky. Recent solar flares predicted a show but it was overcast for those nights. Full moons, snowy landscapes along with holiday lights makes night time even brighter when the days are shorter.

Well I hope I've convinced you it's not all that bad to weather winter in Wisconsin.

I just have to keep telling myself too.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Cabin Fever Reliever

Maybe you have your sites set on what to do when it warms up. Never to waste a nice day again. Here's a group that will get you going, get you motivated to enjoy the outdoors, try new things and meet new people.

Entrance to Nature Center
It's a group for women called setfree2enjoy, that's also their website too just add a .com. Pat Pallardy, the creator and organizer, has set up a recreation program providing connections and opportunities for women to enjoy. Lots more information and details on her website.

For as little as $25 you could be getting out this winter and enjoying activities like:

Cross-Country Skiing
Snow Shoeing
Snow Tubing
Ice Fishing
Moonlight Activities
and Skijoring (that's where you have a dog pull you as you ski)

In the warmer months you'll see them kayaking and hiking around Perrot. Looks like a nice bunch of ladies to laugh with and burn some winter fat off.

So if your New Years Resolution includes some body reimaging check out this group.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Polar Vortex

For those of you who haven't experienced a Wisconsin winter, this is one that you aren't going to miss. So far there have been way too many days below zero. Yes I'm using Fahrenheit degrees here. Today's and tomorrows weather will be dropping possibly to 40 degrees below zero with wind chills of 60 below.

This weather is wearing down the moral of many of us hearty northerners. You will still see people ice fishing, bow hunting and of all days the Packers football team will be playing at Lambeau field outdoors today, but most of us will be suffering cabin fever inside

To describe it, it's kinda like hell freezing over as Chaseburgmania comments. So what do we do here during the Arctic blast that closes schools and causes so many snow birds (Wisconsinites that travel south for the winter) to take wing.

We make soup while wiping down the frost on the inside of the windows. Mine's an inch thick inside on the skylights.
We catch up on laundry and have to preheat the clothes dryer before adding a load. It vents to the outside.
We plan warm weather and beach vacations on the Internet and dream of better days ahead.
We throw cups of water into the air outside just to watch it freeze in mid air.
We catch up on Dexter, all seasons now available on Netflicks. It's not a warm and fuzzy show but it does take place in Florida.
We watch the Packers football game just to see the crazy fans.

Stay warm my friends, all those in the south send us you warm thoughts, spring fever is going to be epidemic this year. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Giving Back

 Are you looking to give back, is it part of your New Years Resolution to contribute more.

Here's a few ways that you can help out Perrot State Park or your local park. With your time, talents or dollars, however you want to give, it's always appreciated.

Join the Friends of Perrot for as little as $10 a year membership, your dollars help benefit the park. You can also get active in their annual cleanup day, assist with planting projects or help with a trail. Whatever the years goals are you can be a part of it.

Adopt-A-Trail-be a sponsor of a stretch of trail and help maintain it's beauty. You'll be doing some good while you take a walk.

Become a Camp Host-You get to camp and help other campers, meet people all while enjoying the outdoors.

Donating items or maybe a memorial bench, see what the park currently needs.

Maybe you have a special talent to share. Check online at DNR for more volunteering information or with Park Management.