Monday, January 6, 2014

Cabin Fever Reliever

Maybe you have your sites set on what to do when it warms up. Never to waste a nice day again. Here's a group that will get you going, get you motivated to enjoy the outdoors, try new things and meet new people.

Entrance to Nature Center
It's a group for women called setfree2enjoy, that's also their website too just add a .com. Pat Pallardy, the creator and organizer, has set up a recreation program providing connections and opportunities for women to enjoy. Lots more information and details on her website.

For as little as $25 you could be getting out this winter and enjoying activities like:

Cross-Country Skiing
Snow Shoeing
Snow Tubing
Ice Fishing
Moonlight Activities
and Skijoring (that's where you have a dog pull you as you ski)

In the warmer months you'll see them kayaking and hiking around Perrot. Looks like a nice bunch of ladies to laugh with and burn some winter fat off.

So if your New Years Resolution includes some body reimaging check out this group.


  1. What a great idea! Now if I could only wiggle my nose and be there wo driving.

  2. I've read about this group - sounds like a wonderful bunch of people.

  3. I hear they take trips all over, not just Perrot