Friday, May 27, 2016

Memories Day

New T-Shirt at Perrot
Do you remember the summer vacations taken in the family car. Kids piled in the back seat, with not enough room to move. Playing travel games and frequently stopping for bathrooms.

The long journeys were punctuated with "Are We There Yet?".  Repeatedly answered by, "Another 15 Minutes",  just to keep us quiet.
New t-Shirt at Perrot

Here's my new favorite T-Shirt just in at Perrot State Park. I think it pays homage to HaRVey our RV.

The other shirt I've acquired for my summer wardrobe Live 2 Hike. I think will be very Fit Biting. It's really a pretty deep sea glass kinda green. The photo doesn't do it justice.

Get yours at Perrot for only $15.00, profits go towards Friends of Perrot efforts at the Park.

Safe travels this Memorial Weekend.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Due to less than ideal camping weather at Yellowstone Lake State Park,we headed out for another day of discovery. This time destination-Monroe, WI. We thought it would be another cheese, chocolate and beer day, until we happened upon The Green Chicks Studio.

Nikki and Suzanne are a couple of really creative gals, reusing lots of materials that us regular folks tend to put in the recycle bin. Their imagination comes from ones experience as a Set Designer for Sesame Street and the other a Cartoonist.

The studio is filled with sculptures, paintings and drawings. they also organized the popularized painting parties.

Here's a little sneak peak on how it's done.

Get more information on their website . You might even come across them at an art fair near you.

Guess what's inside one of these?
My fave!

 Da Beer-  Minhas Brewery and Distiller. We didn't do the tour, just too much drinking during the day. But still enjoyed their very extensive museum on beer artifacts.
They had some very unique tap pulls.

Da Cheese- Alp & Dell Chees Store, where you could sample lots of cheese and see how it's made. Monroe is the only place Limburger cheese is still made. Though you'd like to know.

We of course bought some cheese and tried our own Raclette treat over the camp fire in a cast iron pan.
Da Chocolate- We enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and admired their unusual treats.

Dat's all folks!

Monday, May 23, 2016

New Glarius


New Glaruis, a very swiss settlement, was our first destination. So many small towns in Wisconsin have the same feel. This town really stood out, celebrating it's heritage. Big painted cows were everywhere and swiss facades on buildings. You could also find anything swiss, like army knives, chocolate, fondue kits and Raclette machine. Funny I didn't see any clocks.


Some very unique shops and a very special eatery called the Cow and Quince. Specializing in a farm to table menu, you get the best of locally grown products. A real vacation for the palette.

Wisco Pop! Ginger Pork

Here the BLT includes Jordandal Farm bacon,  tomato jam, fresh mozzarella, Snug Haven spinach on a Madison Sourdough brioche. Accompanied by potato soup.

Cow and Quince restuarant

Wisco Pop! Ginger Pork also from Jordandal  with pickled jalapenos, kohlrabi and beet slaw, aioli on a Sourdough country bread.

It's fun to have so many ingredients together for crunch and flavor. Couldn't imagine assembling this many items just for ourselves.

Garden Center

European tableware
After shopping and lunch we headed out for a Wisconsin brewery tour. The New Glarius Brewery with it's beautiful new visitor center. Spotted Cow Beer and other brews from New Glarius are only sold in Wisconsin. Maybe we drink it all up before it gets across the border.
The property rivals west coast wineries. With a spacious beer garden, trellises covered in hops vines and plenty of room for weddings and a music venue.
Next stop Monroe, WI

Saturday, May 21, 2016


No not the National Park, Yellowstone Lake State Park in Wisconsin. That was our weekend destination for camping with HaRVey . Down the backroads of South Western Wisconsin, it's a big 455 acre man made lake with hiking trails and camping. Because the weather was a bit windy and the big chill wasn't over yet, we didn't get to enjoy time on the water.

May Apple
Here are a few of the flower finds along our hikes.

Nodding Trillium?

White Shooting Star

Lots of Geese


Also lots of things with wings. Along the Wildlife Loop, in the Campground and the big featured creature was the bats. At dusk, around 8:30 pm, you can witness the awakening of numerous bats at various locations in the park. They just kind of drop out of the bottom of the bat houses and take wing into the night. Due to the efforts of the park this makes for one of least buggy of all Wisconsin parks.

Next up our fun day trips to New Glarius and Monroe.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cinco de MayO My

All sorts pass through Perrot State Park with a variety of creative camping units. Some like their tear drops with portable outhouses, while others ride in style with units that pop-out all over to double their space for recliners and big TV's.

Don Burro and Guachito

I personally like the smaller units with lots of character. On my way to Perrot State Park I was sidetracked passing a Mickey D's.

There it was in all it's glory an artistically painted truck and trailer in the parking lot. My direction for the morning changed to seek out this soulful traveler.

I felt confident that I could pick out the person in the morning coffee crowd. One quick pan of patrons and I had my sights on a lone gentleman with a frosty ponytail. Yep, after he forgave me for intruding on his morning meal we became facebook friends.

John Lea, the navigator of Don Burro and Gauchito, gave me a glimpse into his escapades across the country. From showing off at cars rallies, Searching for the mouth of the Mississippi, to visiting holy and ancient sites, he's living my dream.

Someday I'll be able to follow that path of exploration to continue my tales from the trails. I can feel the hitch itch already.

Safe travels mi amigo! Whatever side of the big I35 divide you're on, I hope you find truth in this world.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Like- A Good Neighbor

BPCA building at Lytles Landing
While working at the Midway Prairie Garden, I attracted the attention of a local from Brice Prairie. Unlike other curious onlookers he wanted to know more about my labor of love.

As it turns out he invited me to speak to his group, Brice Prairie Conservation Association, about the garden project. At their monthly meeting I probably learned more from them then they did from my spiel.

They are a very engaging group of passionate outdoor people that have so many wonderful projects ongoing.

for example:

They build houses for wood ducks, warblers and bluebirds.
They are actively monitoring and reducing the invasive plants like Purple Loosestrife and Water Lettuce.
They are creating a water trail on the black river for canoes and kayaks.
They organize river cleanups, tree planting and prairie restorations.
They raise monies and award scholarships and help neighbors in need.
They assist with the Great River State Trail maintenance.

Workshop for Wood Duck Houses
Looks like they have an open house on Wednesday, June 8th in the evening. Check out their site at

A family membership is only $10. Probably the best ten dollars I've spent in awhile.

A special thanks to Fritz for being the first one to come out and help at the Midway Prairie Garden spring cleanup.