Friday, May 27, 2016

Memories Day

New T-Shirt at Perrot
Do you remember the summer vacations taken in the family car. Kids piled in the back seat, with not enough room to move. Playing travel games and frequently stopping for bathrooms.

The long journeys were punctuated with "Are We There Yet?".  Repeatedly answered by, "Another 15 Minutes",  just to keep us quiet.
New t-Shirt at Perrot

Here's my new favorite T-Shirt just in at Perrot State Park. I think it pays homage to HaRVey our RV.

The other shirt I've acquired for my summer wardrobe Live 2 Hike. I think will be very Fit Biting. It's really a pretty deep sea glass kinda green. The photo doesn't do it justice.

Get yours at Perrot for only $15.00, profits go towards Friends of Perrot efforts at the Park.

Safe travels this Memorial Weekend.



  1. Cute T's. And where will you be wearing yours this holiday weekend?

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