Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Like- A Good Neighbor

BPCA building at Lytles Landing
While working at the Midway Prairie Garden, I attracted the attention of a local from Brice Prairie. Unlike other curious onlookers he wanted to know more about my labor of love.

As it turns out he invited me to speak to his group, Brice Prairie Conservation Association, about the garden project. At their monthly meeting I probably learned more from them then they did from my spiel.

They are a very engaging group of passionate outdoor people that have so many wonderful projects ongoing.

for example:

They build houses for wood ducks, warblers and bluebirds.
They are actively monitoring and reducing the invasive plants like Purple Loosestrife and Water Lettuce.
They are creating a water trail on the black river for canoes and kayaks.
They organize river cleanups, tree planting and prairie restorations.
They raise monies and award scholarships and help neighbors in need.
They assist with the Great River State Trail maintenance.

Workshop for Wood Duck Houses
Looks like they have an open house on Wednesday, June 8th in the evening. Check out their site at

A family membership is only $10. Probably the best ten dollars I've spent in awhile.

A special thanks to Fritz for being the first one to come out and help at the Midway Prairie Garden spring cleanup.

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  1. I'm sure they were fortunate to have you as their speaker.