Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Stars are Out

The Amethyst colored Shooting Stars are abundant on the slopes of Brady's Bluff at Perrot State Park.

This past week the lovely lavender blooms began creating a purple haze over the slopes on West Brady Trail. You can view them from the roadside or get a real eyeful about half way up the trail.

Dodecatheon aka Shooting Stars appear on richly soiled slopes in mid spring and can last for several weeks. After the recent prescribed burns the display is greatly enhanced.

Hopefully you can also witness the act of Buzz Pollination. Unique to shooting stars that have no nectar, bumblebees take the extra effort to shake down the purple jewels for their pollen with rapid vibrations.

Sometimes they are referred to as Mad Violets.



  1. I have yet to see the star in our Valley. :(

  2. I had the white ones in one of my gardens. Loved them!