Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn is Orchard Time

Cider Press
With fall officially here it's time to visit the local apple orchards. Always filled with great apple products and corn stalks made into crazy things. Here's a list of the Orchards near Perrot for a trip to bountiful.

Ecker's Apple Farm-west of Centerville on Hwy 35 but before the turn off on Delaney to the Winery. Doesn't that sound like a locals directions. Call ahead at 608-539-2652. Ask about their wagon rides and the Honeycrisp Hootenany in October. Don't forget to pick up a pie.

Ferguson's Morningside Orchard-east of Centerville on Hwy93/54, exit on the Little Tamarack Road before Galesville. Visit their country store and lots for kids to do from A-maze-ing Maze, Pumpkin Patch and Barnyard. Call ahead at 608-539-4239.

Orchards, Bluffs and Corn at Sacia's

Sacia Orchards-farther east of Centerville on Hwy 53 closest to Galesville. One of the largest orchards in Western Wisconsin. Pick your own or pick up a pie. Call ahead at 608-582-2511. Apple Festival in October.

Be sure to sample the famous Honeycrisp Apples. Maybe you'll find a new favorite.

Drugans Castle Mound Golf Course

We spent a lovely fall day with golfing18 holes and Brunch.

Fall is the best time to golf especially when the Packers are playing. Funny no one was in front of us or behind.

Drugans Entrance
Strawberry Gomphrena on the 15th
I "chicked" my husband today on the course and he had to flip for the Bloody's. Yes it was a good day at Drugans.

Then a stop for cider at the Orchards.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hang in there!

It's only a little less than a month away.

The Omni Center Craft Show of course.
Saturday and Sunday
October, 12 and 13.

Stop on in and see what creations I've been working on for drawer/cabinet pulls and switch /outlet plates. Free admission.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We're Special

Special event for a special place.

We attended the World Premiere of "Mysteries of the Driftless", a documentary about our area.

Untouched by glaciers the land holds onto unique species, geological architecture not seen anywhere else in the world and Native American remnants.

Spring view on Perrot Ridge

It will be coming to PBS in the future so watch for it. Perrot Park is part of this millions of years old landscape. And that's a lot of birthday cakes.

The film was presented by Untamed Science and Mississippi Valley Conservancy, just to name a few.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Meet the Flockers

Travelers migrate north during the hot summer months to take advantage of cooler temps. They come in droves to the park, flocking like birds lining up on the road to enter into the state parks. It's usually the older ones whose brood has left the nest, sometimes referred to as empty nesters.  They make their exodus when homesick.

When enjoying the outdoors you meet the nicest people.

Meet Kay and Tuck Key

They were at the observation platform in Perrot Park enjoying the Pelican migration.  We had the chance to share stories and I knew I loved them when I found out they were both artists at heart and enjoyed reading Nevada Barr books. I wish them a safe journey back home and hope to see them again next year.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

PeliCans, So Can You

Crossing Over
It's that time of year for flocking. As summer campers disappear, the migration begins along the Mississippi of some really awesome birds. This is the time to be in the park for nature lovers.

I was able to get myself out of bed by 5am, and yes it's dark out, to make my pilgrimage to the observation deck at Perrot Park.

Greeted by fellow outdoor lovers I heard the Pelicans have began to congregate in the waters around the park. They are migrating from areas in Canada to as far South as Central America.

Far out in the River

The White Pelican which stretches to 9 feet in the air has a graceful flight. They create long lines of up to hundred in the sky.

Best viewing has been around 7am as they cross the park over to Trempealeau Wildlife Refuge. Others reported an evening event as well before dusk.

Landing in the Refuge

You Too Can get up early for this special viewing.

A short video of the Pelicans and oh yeah some pretty nice Snowy Egrets in the foreground.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Addition

Meet Vivian, Perrot Parks newest addition. She is a Snow Owl on display with many other fined feathered friends at the Headquarters.

You can tell by her regal pose she comes from a good background. It was rumored she is a third cousin to Hedwig from the Harry Potter Series.

Central Park

Of course Central Park in NYC, a green oasis in a city of concrete. Built, restored and rejuvenated over the years it has such a variety of scenarios.

Used by walkers, joggers, weddings, photo shoots. There are places for checkers, ball teams,  playgrounds, row boats and model sailboats. Here's a few photos to share.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Memorial Park

Parks serve a purpose, sometimes they are a respite from the daily grind, a beautiful retreat to refresh and exercise the soul or in some cases a place of reflection and contemplation.

Our recent trip to NYC included a visit to the 9/11 memorial, here are a few of the photos taken to share with you. I hope you can visit as well some day.

One of two pools at the site
of each tower, names of deceased
including Pentagon and Airplane victims.

Survivor Tree-pear tree
saved in the aftermath

Relief mural at nearby fire station house.
Museum, under construction,
display of steel tridents from
outside of the building.

Tribute in Light, viewed
from the Empire State Building