Saturday, May 21, 2016


No not the National Park, Yellowstone Lake State Park in Wisconsin. That was our weekend destination for camping with HaRVey . Down the backroads of South Western Wisconsin, it's a big 455 acre man made lake with hiking trails and camping. Because the weather was a bit windy and the big chill wasn't over yet, we didn't get to enjoy time on the water.

May Apple
Here are a few of the flower finds along our hikes.

Nodding Trillium?

White Shooting Star

Lots of Geese


Also lots of things with wings. Along the Wildlife Loop, in the Campground and the big featured creature was the bats. At dusk, around 8:30 pm, you can witness the awakening of numerous bats at various locations in the park. They just kind of drop out of the bottom of the bat houses and take wing into the night. Due to the efforts of the park this makes for one of least buggy of all Wisconsin parks.

Next up our fun day trips to New Glarius and Monroe.


  1. I've never heard of this place, it looks like a great place to camp. New Glarus and Monroe are fun places to visit..enjoy.