Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Due to less than ideal camping weather at Yellowstone Lake State Park,we headed out for another day of discovery. This time destination-Monroe, WI. We thought it would be another cheese, chocolate and beer day, until we happened upon The Green Chicks Studio.

Nikki and Suzanne are a couple of really creative gals, reusing lots of materials that us regular folks tend to put in the recycle bin. Their imagination comes from ones experience as a Set Designer for Sesame Street and the other a Cartoonist.

The studio is filled with sculptures, paintings and drawings. they also organized the popularized painting parties.

Here's a little sneak peak on how it's done.

Get more information on their website www.greenchickstudio.com . You might even come across them at an art fair near you.

Guess what's inside one of these?
My fave!

 Da Beer-  Minhas Brewery and Distiller. We didn't do the tour, just too much drinking during the day. But still enjoyed their very extensive museum on beer artifacts.
They had some very unique tap pulls.

Da Cheese- Alp & Dell Chees Store, where you could sample lots of cheese and see how it's made. Monroe is the only place Limburger cheese is still made. Though you'd like to know.

We of course bought some cheese and tried our own Raclette treat over the camp fire in a cast iron pan.
Da Chocolate- We enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and admired their unusual treats.

Dat's all folks!


  1. Those ladies would be fun to be around. It almost made me long for doll making again...almost. Too busy playing pickleball and goofing off for that yet. Perhaps some day. I really enjoyed seeing how the base is created, wish I'd known this before...would have saved a lot of stuffing and pellets.

  2. I would love to be in that shop of critters with you and I m not talking the brewery. The Green Chicks place would be a hoot/ peep.