Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cinco de MayO My

All sorts pass through Perrot State Park with a variety of creative camping units. Some like their tear drops with portable outhouses, while others ride in style with units that pop-out all over to double their space for recliners and big TV's.

Don Burro and Guachito

I personally like the smaller units with lots of character. On my way to Perrot State Park I was sidetracked passing a Mickey D's.

There it was in all it's glory an artistically painted truck and trailer in the parking lot. My direction for the morning changed to seek out this soulful traveler.

I felt confident that I could pick out the person in the morning coffee crowd. One quick pan of patrons and I had my sights on a lone gentleman with a frosty ponytail. Yep, after he forgave me for intruding on his morning meal we became facebook friends.

John Lea, the navigator of Don Burro and Gauchito, gave me a glimpse into his escapades across the country. From showing off at cars rallies, Searching for the mouth of the Mississippi, to visiting holy and ancient sites, he's living my dream.

Someday I'll be able to follow that path of exploration to continue my tales from the trails. I can feel the hitch itch already.

Safe travels mi amigo! Whatever side of the big I35 divide you're on, I hope you find truth in this world.



  1. I would have loved to seen that. Kudos to you for going in and tracking him down to hear his story.

  2. Life is so much more interesting when we take the time to stop and change our paths.