Sunday, August 21, 2016

Copper Falls

Copper Falls
We spent sometime in the northern most region of Wisconsin taking in the unique landscape of granite and waterfalls.

Crossing the Rivers and thru the Woods

Copper Falls State Park provided us with a roomy campsite and a very elegant stroll along several picturesque waterfalls and over rivers and gorges.

Brownstone Falls

Recent rains filled the rivers for a spectacular hike. The area of Ashland County was recovering from severe washouts creating many detours on our journey. We made all our destinations except Potato Falls.  

Elegant Trail Head

Grinding Gadget

Since we were celebrating a birthday we cooked up a gourmet meal of Steak au Poive using Red Deer meat ( a gift from my sister)along with roasted mushrooms and vegetables. by the way it was delicious.

We needed lots of freshly ground black pepper, and as many campers find themselves in need of innovations, the handheld drill served us well.

Loon Lake Voyage
The park has a nice lake with beach with only electric motors allowed. Loon Lake was quiet and gave us the opportunity to take out the blow up boat and electric motor to spend a day of fishing. You could say I caught my limit of Perch, unfortunately they were all so small I returned them to their watery homes.

We did enjoy the Loons of the Lake which came to visit us in our boat diving underneath us. They appeared and disappeared repeatedly creating quite a show. Never could get photo.

A place to gather


Concessions Breakfast
Concession Building
On our last day we enjoyed the Pancake Breakfast offered at the concessions stand. You don't find this convenience offered at many parks. It was yummy having our pancakes and sausage with a cup of orange juice in such a lovely setting.

 FYI they offer the breakfast on Sundays and Wednesday during the summer season for $5.50. Can't beat the ambience.

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  1. Hand drilled pepper? You kill me! The pancakes looked very yummy, now I may have to make some for supper.