Sunday, February 1, 2015

Be Hoppy

Don't be SAD, Be Happy. It's staying lighter later and  Ground Hog Day is Monday. As we enter the shortest month of the year it means spring is right around the corner.

Shake off that Seasonal Affectiveness Disorderly conduct and get something growing. If those seed catalogs aren't enough try growing your groceries.

I saw this at my dear friend Judy's home. She was sprouting the root ends of various vegetables. Pictured here are green onions, celery and I just added Romaine Lettuce. Maybe I'll try carrots next so they're ready for the Easter Bunny.

All you do is leave about two inches of the vegetable from the root end and prop into a container. Add some water to cover the root section and whalla.  In about two weeks the new growth appears. Make sure to check the water level daily and add more as needed.

Snip your own fresh salad greens, put of Vivaldi's Four Seasons and before you know it camping season will be here.

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  1. Cute planter and good reminder that spring is coming....eventually.