Friday, May 22, 2015


Summer seems to start with Memorial Weekend. If you go by the camper index.

Yes this weekend Perrot State Park is full. Since reservations  can be made up to 11 months in advance those seeking refuge in the woods were anticipating getting out the gear some time ago. With 90% of the 100 campsites due to arrive this Friday it's going to be a busy place.

It got me thinking of how many campfires will be lit tonight and all those marshmellows roasting over an open fire. I decided to dedicate my cupcakes to that very theme.

Note: Did you know our modern version of the marshmallow has some serious roots. Going back to ancient Egypt they used the Marshmallow plant (Althacea officianlis) roots and sap for medicinal pruposes, mainly to cure sore throats. Then the French whipped it into something more refined resembling our todays version. Of course now this favorite camping companion is made from other stuff. I won't go into it so I don't spoil the mystery.

For those serious campers with a flair for culinary challenges, you've got the whole summer to work on your special dish. Check out the 2nd annual Camp Cook-Off. 

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  1. I can imagine the traffic today. We went to a doctor appointment and by the time we returned it seemed most of this park filled up while we were gone. Really glad to be in the back area with the semi-permanent people.