Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wyalusing State Park

Tent sites on the edge of the ridge.
HaRVey the RV and us ventured to another state park, along the Great River Road, Wyalusing State Park. Located in the beautiful driftless region, it borders the rivers edge of the Wisconsin and the Mississippi Rivers.

The only electric site on the edge.

Fireworks in Prairie du Chien
We were in site 120E of the Wisconsin Ridge Campground giving us a bird's eye view of the valley below. A very good site for some privacy, our little oasis on the end of the campground was electrified and close to the Knob shelter for coffee with the sunrise. Great idea but in reality I never got up before 6:00am.

From one overlook to another

Knob Shelter
We weren't right on the edge for our own view but could take advantage of some beautiful overlooks when needed. Site 143E  is the only electric site on the edge for those of you wanting to know. Our vistas took advantage of some fireworks in Prairie du Chien and some lovely sunsets. Plus a lots of Turkey vultures soaring along the edges.

Procession Plaque

There are lots of hiking trails and some for bikes too. We traversed the Sand Cave Trail a total of 2.4 miles taking  us past two sand caves. Very doable even for us. Although now I always recommend a walking stick, it's just like an additional third leg and steadies me when taking photographs. Also makes a good pointer, by george.

Wyalusing park also has a procession of Indian Mounds. The area is also noted for the Effigy Mounds, National Monument right across the river in Iowa. It's on our list of to do's for next year so I won't elaborate.

Effigy Mound of a bear

Observing deck with computerized scope
For one evening we were entertained by the Starsplitters of Wyalusing. The local Astronomy group that puts on programs a couple of times a month right in the park. We were lucky enough to have one our weekend. They have some pretty nice equipment, all you have to do is hope for clear skies and no moon.

We also paddled around the backwaters of the Mississippi River for  a little cooler adventures.

There was plenty to do around the park for a few days. We ventured into the local towns but there wasn't much we found of interest and were happy to hang out at the park.

Observation point


  1. That is a very pretty park and I like their hiking trails. Good to see that HaRVey got to go out for a romp in the woods....I know he likes that.

  2. So many parks to discover and I know HaRVey is ready, willing and able.