Tuesday, September 8, 2015


The Mississippi River can be quite exotic. During a venture out on our new boat we came across fields of Lotus. It kind of felt like we were on the Nile. I know I am a bit in denile since I've been craving a far away getaway, but as we rediscover our own backyard, we find it has some pretty cool locations.

This adventure took us out to Goose Island about 10 miles south of La Crosse, where we put into the backwaters of the Misissippi. We cruised around along the canoe trail and had a nice picnic lunch just floating in the middle of the river viewing the local flora and fauna.

The lotus plant really caught my eye on this trip. A symbol of purity and beauty in many cultures, the plant loves to grows in the muckiest, muddiest bottoms of slower and warmer waters. I'd say the mighty muddy Mississippi offers this member of the water lily family an ideal setting.

From the bottom of the river bed, the leaves and flowers lift themselves out of the water forming perfect, unsoiled pinkish petaled blooms. You can tell the difference from other water lilies since they lay on top of the water. Here in the photo the blooms are done but the seed pods remain.

My latest gourd inspiration features the lotus leaves and blooms plus a few frogs.

Note: I purchased my seed pods from a craft store since they are not suppose to be picked in nature.


  1. I also realized that there is a difference between lilies and lotus which confused me on our last outing. Oh my I may have misled my followers probably not the first nor the last time.