Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mineral Point, WI

Cabinet Shop
We enrolled in Intro. to Torch Welding at Shake Rag Alley School of Arts and Crafts.

Blacksmith Barn

It was a blast to cut through steel with the acetylene torches. Our creative side was sparked learning how to weld metal.

As with all skills the more you learn the more you yearn to use them.

Bent Willow Chair

Shake Rag Alley is a community of local artists that offer a variety of classes, along with accommodations and stage performances.

Recycled Art Objects

The setting utilizes historic buildings from a miner's cottages to blacksmith barn renovated for workshops.

Other programs include making rustic furniture to jewelry and objects d'art.


We were challenged towards the end of class to put our new skills to use. We joined forces and created a stand for our new camping toy, a laser light.

We've taken the art of decorating our camp site to new levels, using laser holiday lights to create a starry effect among the trees. It really can't be appreciated in photos.


  1. Is this one of those, don't try this at home? How fun, a parade and all.

  2. I can just see you two with welding torches, but my version looks more like a lightsaber duel from Star Wars.