Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sweet Day

A trip to Winona's Minnesota Marine Art Museum is always inspiring. Amongst the Van Gogh's, Monet's and Hudson River Artists are the rotating exhibits by artists inspired by water, especially the Mississippi River.

A gallery walk with artist Mary Catherine Solberg was a real treat. Former La Crosse based artist, she now resides in Minneapolis giving all her time to her creations. The messmerizing water portraits are larger than life. In person you really appreciate the textures and colors she gets with oil pastels and plaster. Gold leaf and glitter give them a unique richness.  (#solbergwaterportraits)

There will be an official art opening on Thursday, January 25 along with artist duo Leo and Marilyn Smith. Mary will be unveiling a museum commissioned portrait during the evening. Can't wait to hear who the subject is.


Trempealeau Mountain in Perrot State Park is always a great subject matter for artists.

We ended  a delightful day, enjoying a sweet treat from the popular Winona's Bloedow's Bakery. Shown here at Trempealeau Wildlife Refuge

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