Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mysteries of the Mountain

 Tales from the Trails-Legends, lore and a whole lot more.

Trempealeau Mountain is said to be a sacred place. It is a true wonder on the Mississippi, considering it the only mountain island in the water. It's remoteness makes it the subject of this blog during this  time of year. Halloween.

I have yet to set foot on the Mountain since the only legal access is by water craft. There are no trails, development or landings on the island and I hear there's lots of poison ivy. Not my idea of a good hike. But the stories I heard kinda make me want to go there and then maybe not.

This isn't my personal story but reports on what others have experienced. Dig deeper for yourself and you can decide what may be mass hysteria, the mind playing tricks or just people out for attention.

The first story I came across on the internet is "Mothman at Trempealeau Mountain" from Sat., Sept 11, 2010. This will get you started. A guy recalling a past experience on Trempealeau Mountain after seeing (here's another one) Monster Quest episode "Mothman" which originally aired February 10, 2010.

Yep this is supposedly the same mothman from Virginia. I guess he gets around. The history channel actually paid a visit to Perrot State Park just to check it out.

If you receive History Channel 2 it is airing again, of course on Halloween, Oct 31st at 10am and 4pm eastern time. This thing called Mothman has been traveling around the country, a precursor to bad things that are about to happen.

That brings me to my next lead on information called "Monsters in Town". Mothman is being credited with warning us about all the young men who sadly drowned in the Mississippi River at the edge of La Crosse, WI.

Maybe you have your own stories to tell. Love to hear them.


  1. I've not heard of Mothman, but I may have spotted him at the Wal-Mart yesterday.

  2. Hello; this is in reply to some of the smart ass comments about my moth man sighting at trempleau mtn. Many years ago. You might laugh about it, but it really happened to me. Just stay away from there in spring and early summer, or you will find out same as I did many years ago. RB