Sunday, October 20, 2013

Over the Rainbow

Dave caught a Rainbow at the Farm
Somewhere, just north of Perrot Park, off Hwy 35 west of Centerville, is a family business run by three generations of women called Ecker's Apple Farm.
Apple Pie & Ice Cream Oh My

As life would have it, the youngest generation returned to follow their heritage in the fields. Together they will take a family tradition to the next stage. Follow what's brewing on their website or face book page go to
Pick'em and Pack'um

Bluegrass Music

John Deer Tractor Ride
They celebrate the harvest with family, friends and the community with their own special annual event called the Honeycrisp Hootenanny.

We joined up with old friends Dave and Jill to spend a rainy afternoon sampling hot apple cider, artisian brews and taking home a couple of pies and an inspiration for my next Holloween costume.

Git yer bushel of Apples
Ecker's offers lots and lots of apples plus specialty goods made by their neighbors in Wisconsin. They don't prebag their apples, so you can select each and every one.

We took a shining to these amazing ladies and now know someone up there is looking out for them.


  1. Beautiful post and amazing pics.
    Hope to see more of your lovely images.


  2. Nothing better than supporting local growers! Can't wait to see that Halloween outfit Hannah Dove.

  3. Now I have a hankering for honeycrisp. Can't wait to see the costume!