Monday, March 17, 2014

Greening Up

One of the first signs of spring, Green. Happy St. Patty's Day.

"Punts for Pints"
Nearby Perrot State Park is Beedles Bar and Restaurant on the corner of Hwy's 53 and 35. Centrally located in Centerville. No kidding. It does sound like something made up out of the 50's.

The place does have that kind of Tavern feel of rural America that you wish was located just down the street from where you live. The family run business, Anne and Brad, just celebrated their 8th year with a wonderful customer appreciation weekend beginning with some Irish music.

Drummer Tim and son Kevin
The all Burke band called Punts for Pints from Winona, Minnesota play traditional Irish rebel music, incorporating flutes, rain sticks and hand made drums. When you need to get your "Irish On" they are sure to keep you smiling.

Beedles Bar has lots of good food, great events and most importantly that friendly Midwest hospitality.

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