Monday, March 3, 2014

March Madness

This is not a post about Basketball, rather the crazy weather we are still experiencing. It's driving people mad.

The locals are still going through with ritual dips in the Mississippi River "Freezin' for a Reason" fundraiser. Ice Fishing Shanties are supposed to be off the ice but are frozen in place. The local TV station is having "Beat the Chill, Pay Your Heating Bill" drawing today. Hope I win.

Here's a story to warm hearts. A friend who rents his accommodations which includes the heat, paid his landlord an extra $100 dollars last month to help cover the unusually high heating costs. I know for a fact he's keeping the thermostat down as low as possible because his green bananas wouldn't even ripen. I think that is a wonderful gesture of just being a really good person. Okay maybe he should win the "Beat the Chill.." drawing.

Wrapped and Ready
Like all good Wisconsinites we got out of town for a respite from the snow. Instead of frostbite I traded for 2nd degree sunburn. It was a lot more fun enjoying the ocean, snorkeling, walks on the beach but in the end it turned on me with my freckled skin.

Pelicans on the Beach

We got a chance to visit with many of those migratory birds who knew ahead of time to leave the Midwest and discovered some new exotic flowers.

Solandra Maximum- Cup of Gold

We thought when we came home the weather would have changed, after all, only two years ago we were golfing in March.

We are now on our 45th day of below 0 Fahrenheit temperatures and that's not calculating wind chills. I can't report much on what's happening at Perrot State Park but usually this time of year the Eagles are coupling, the Owls are nesting and the Opossum are actively finding their mates. We hope they are not finding the climate too difficult.

Tomorrow is another day.

Sunrise over San Carlos, Mexico



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