Friday, July 25, 2014

Dam No. 6

Located at Trempealeau since 1936 the lock and dam helps regulate the flow of the Mighty Mississippi River. Why you ask, because the Army Corp of Engineers with other agencies strive to keep the rivers main channel at 9 feet for the purpose of navigation. Since the river is a valuable resource for the transportation of goods.  Lock and Dams are installed river from St. Paul to St. Louis creating 29 steps in the river.

Check it out for yourself, there's an observation platform where you can view the activity. If a barge is coming through stay and watch while they lock through. It's also amazing to see the small recreational boats go through while they hold onto ropes to keep from capsizing as the water levels can drop 6-8 feet.

When recreational boats approach a lock they signal they would like to come through by pressing a button that signals a horn. Then they back away as the gates are opened. You may see recreational boats racing towards a Lock and Dam to get ahead of a Barge. This is because pleasure boats have to wait as the commercial boats go first.

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