Sunday, July 27, 2014

Haulin' on the River

George haulin' it in.
Legendary George Richtman, third generation commercial fisherman shared seining on the river for the Naturalist program. We got to go out on the river and watch him haul in giant specimens of carp, sheephead and catfish. You might remember him from a previous blog "Fish Nets".

The Catch

Barry and Linda transported by George's son.
They transported us by boat out to the site they had set their nets. Here's a couple of happy campers from the east coast of Wisconsin enjoying their week on the west coast of Wisconsin.

Softshell Turtle

The fish are then stored in live traps until they go to market. Other creatures from the muddy bottoms is the Spiny Softshell Turtle. George handles the turtle carefully since this aggressive turtle can inflict a painful bite. I guess these are good eats too.

Enjoy a short video, I hope it plays for you.

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