Friday, August 1, 2014


Last winters goal was to create outdoor art using bicycle parts. These items were readily found at my local dump, which I frequented for choice pieces. The township workers assured me 100% satisfaction since they had a liberal return policy. I gathered all fall so I would have the inspiration for a fence and a sundial.

I also seemed to have the habit of dumpster diving and collecting odd things over the years that will make good embellishments. Now I know why I just had to pick up that piece tossed to the curb. It was destiny.

Enjoy the results. I liked them so much I installed them in my own garden. Maybe someday they will make it to Midway. Can you recognized the pieces?

I would also like to thank my husband for his assistance in figuring out how to secure the pieces together. He comes in very handy on projects like this. We've now been married for 27 years today August 1. I couldn't do without him.


  1. A very terrific upcycling... (double entendre.) Wonderful additions to your garden. Happy trekking you two and many, many more anniversary and projects. You are a good team.

  2. Happy "belated" anniversary. Life is so much more fun with that special person! Miss M