Sunday, August 3, 2014

Big Cat Found at Perrot

Headlines: Big Cat invades Perrot Park, Last seen in campground wondering around, campers put on alert. Trempealeau residents notified.

Fortunately this story has a happy ending as a local resident adopted the lost kitty. For a few weeks the stray cat was housed at the Headquarters and warmed the hearts of everyone that met her. She was found wandering in the campground and was easily caught since she had no fear of people. Obviously she was some ones cat and a very nice cat at that.

Signs were posted around town and but no one claimed her. Eventually she (Bella, her new name) found her new home with a local lady in Trempealeau keeping her other two cats company. Reports are they all are getting along.

This brings up the subject of pets in Perrot. Many campers and hikers bring along their dog or cat. That's the beauty of camping, we all know it's hard to leave this fellow member of the family at home when you go away for the weekend. Bu there's the responsibility of then keeping them on a leash, not leaving them unattended and picking up any deposits.

Unfortunately this doesn't always happen and there are prices to be paid when the rules are broken. It's usually the resident wildlife that suffers, from birds and squirrels being chased and hunted to snakes killed or turtles traumatized. Plus sometimes other hikers and runners are attacked and campers annoyed by barking dogs left in cars and campers. The other price is a big fat ticket.

P.S.Thanks to J. King for assistance with the photo. Bella enjoyed a morning walk on the park map in HQ and J. King brought the photo to life with a sky background. It's truly beautiful.


  1. You two make quite a team. Glad the big cat wasn't a mountain cat.

    1. Really would have liked to bring her home myself. She was a dear.

  2. And here I thought you'd delved into Photoshopping! So glad there was a happy ending to the story about the big cat. One of our neighbors has an orange and white cat that they let run loose, because he seems to like it so much. But he also admitted they think it was a scorpion bite that killed their last cat in Arizona. There are dangers to letting them run loose, especially when the terrain keeps changing with life on the road. I'm glad to have my tent and tunnel system for George and Gracie.

  3. You've given them the best of two worlds, inside and out.