Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Isle Residents

-Continuing saga of Isle Royale

Loons in Tobin Harbor
As with all nature outings it's a delight to see the wild life. On our trip we got to see Loons, Red Squirrels, Snow Shoe Hare and or course Moose. There does remain about 7 wolves on the island but they usually go unseen by visitors.

Everyone wanted to see a Moose and we got a close up the first night, after an evening Naturalist Program. Only problem was we wanted to pass by.
Red Squirrel
Snow Shoe Hare

Hare stretching it's legs

Helpful hints
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  1. Loved the moose footage! He doesn't seem fazed.

  2. I never realized they were more dangerous than bears. I guess it's not just big sharp teeth and claws that are deadly.