Thursday, August 28, 2014

Isle Sites


On Isle Royale there are 165 miles of trails. Here time is measured in footsteps.

We trailed about 15 miles. It's all doable paths, but slow going because of uneven surfaces, lots of rock and roots. Along the way we could pick thimbleberry and blueberries.

We also canoed and rented a motor boat to get to some of the sites.

Here are some of the views we saw along the way and the exquisite plants.
Rocky shores

Bearded Lichen

Bunch Berry

Tobin Harbor-great for night sky

Coral root

Pitcher Plant on Raspberry Island Bogs

Rock Harbor Light House

Edisen Fishery

Scoville Point
Lookout Louise, Canada on the horizon 15 miles away

More helpful signs

Only one more Isle post to come

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