Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Isle Visitors

This national park has probably one of the lowest attendances of all, but the truth is the average stay is 4 days compared to 4 hours at places like the Grand Canyon. Plus Isle Royale has the greatest attendance per square mile of all parks.

Housekeeping Cabin #205

We stayed for four days and three nights at one of the cabins, I mentioned it's expensive to get there, why it's also expensive to stay there. These modest cottages have a kitchenette and run $240.00 a night. That's more than we paid for a hotel in NYC, but you gotta love this view from the room.

Cabin view of Tobin Harbor

Backpacker Orientation

Many arrivals chose to hike, kayak or canoe and camp their way across the 45 mile long island staying at campgrounds with shelters or set up a tent along the way. These shelters are located in some pretty special places.

Camp Ground Shelters
Shelters right on a Bay

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