Friday, November 27, 2015

UW Geology Museum

Boaz Mastodon-center
A continuation of the wonderful programs experienced through the Master Naturalist Program at the MacKenzie Center.

We had a guided tour of the Geology Museum on the campus of the University of Wisconsin, in Madison. It's a smaller museum but packed with rare and world class specimens.

A few that stood out were the Boaz Mastodon shown here among other interesting finds.


I thought I'd share the State fossil the Trilobite-Calymene celebra. Related to our modern day anthropods (like crabs and spiders), it would molt and shed it's shell that was often left behind and fossilized.

Red Granite


Here's the State Rock, Red Granite. This igneous rock includes minerals of Quartz, Feldspar, Mica and Hornblends. You'll find plenty of this rock around Wisconsin and also in a few kitchens as it makes a beautiful counter top.

Pine Cone
My favorite fossil was this pine cone.

When you're in Madison be sure to go to this little gem of a museum, they have self guided tours and best of all it's FREE.

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