Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanks Volunteers

Lodge and Education Center
Since this week is Thanksgiving, I like to express my thanks to the new volunteers from the Master Naturalist Program at the MacKenzie Center. Who will be doing great things in the coming year to reach out and serve a variety of nonprofit organizations and educational centers.

I myself also participated in the 6 days of workshops, presentations and tours, helping us to understand our natural surroundings. Among 20 other self proclaimed nature nerds, from across the state of Wisconsin, we will put our new found knowledge and skills to use, through interpretive programs, citizen science or stewardships, known as our Capstone Projects.

My volunteering will be to communicate to the public the variety plants at the Midway Prairie Garden along the Great River State Trail. By spring of 2016 I hope to have signage identifying these amazing plants along with a blog site to find out more information on their benefits.

Log Cabin Museum
If you haven't heard of the MacKenzie Center, keep on reading this article.

Located on 500 acres, just 25 miles north of Madison, Wisconsin near Poynette, the Center offers environmental education and outdoor skills classes. This diverse center also has interpretive trails, exhibits and museums, plus its adjacent to an arboretum.

Check them out on line and sign up to receive news about upcoming programs. I hear the spring Maple Syrup Festival is a fun place to be the first weekend in April. Admission is free on this WI DNR property, but donations are always accepted.


Shown are a few of my favorite animals in the small rescue zoo on the property. These animals are unable to be released back into the wild. Many were injured animals rehabilitated by agencies or removed from private individuals holding them captive.





I stayed in the dorms on the property with four other ladies. A bit like a hostel, and just as affordable. We enjoyed the evenings discussing the days programs and working on our Capstone Projects.


Evening Fires

In the evenings we could relax in the lounge with a nice fire surrounded by the collections of animals on display. As another guest commented it was a bit like "Night at the Museum". 

An even bigger Thank You goes out to the team from the MacKenzie Center and Devil's Lake, for organizing some of the best programs and tours.

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  1. The furnishings look a bit sparse there, but I guess if you're sharing it with good people it doesn't make any difference.