Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SunDay FunDay Part 1

Rotary Lights starting earlier and earlier
Summer and fall are my camping season. In order to spice up my weekends in the upcoming months of snow and ice my focus is on a some fun every Sunday. This is good therapy, as so many things that I enjoy are over and it can be a long winter.

Happily as things close down other opportunities open up.

Looks like the tide is out at Riverside Park.

The last  Sunday of October and we hit it right.

A journey to downtown La Crosse started with the farmers market, then the Antique and Flea Market at the La Crosse Center. We walked through Riverside Park where they were stringing up the millions of lights for the holidays and Riverside International Gardens.

Charmont boutique Hotel

After our morning walk we decided to explore the new Boutique Hotel the "Charmont". Some may remember it as the former Ross of La Crosse Building or originally as the Funk Candy Factory.

Since our favorite Sunday treat is a Bloody Mary, we just had to see if they got it right.

Bloody Done Right

Indeed they did, with a view to relish.

We ordered their Bloody, a superb concoction of spices, that never tired your palette. I heard they use a lot of coriander from a very reliable source. OKay la la, I won't tell. The side chaser of beer, dark being a favorite, was so delicious we had to have a second round.

Seating and gas fire pits

Just drink up this view. They have a roof top bar. This being their first year, they only serve beer and wine up top, but they promised next year more selections and a wood fired pizza oven will be seasoned by then.
Love Rain Chains

Roof top bar and Herb Garden wall to the left.

Don't Miss the Mississippi beyond.

Postcards from the Ledge


  1. Wow. They were still working on this when we were there. I'm seeing a double date in our future next year to sit atop the roof and visit.

  2. I heard folks reviews re: the food being ok. BUT maybe if you have a couple drinks on the roof the food downstairs will be better. Has the service improved?