Thursday, October 8, 2015

Old Baraboo

On our trip to Devils Lake we visited the small town of Baraboo.

Historic Posters

The Ringling Brothers Circus originated in Baraboo back in 1884 and served as the wintering headquarters until 1918. After buying Barnam and Baily Circus they moved to Florida.

Original Building for Exhibits

Can you imagine a town packed with exotic animals, clowns and carnival sorts coloring the streets during the long Wisconsin winters. Was this the place we were suppose to run away too. It wasn't that far from my hometown, had I only known.

Restored Circus Wagons

Remember the days of the Circus coming to town. You can relive the days in Baraboo, WI at Circus World Museum, a Wisconsin Historic Site.

Restoration Area
The exhibits include the largest collection of circus wagons, plus old posters and costumes, displayed in the original buildings that housed the animals. During summer months they even have live acts.

Minature Murals/Displays of Circus Life

It took me back to when I was younger and saw the Great Circus Parade of 1963 in downtown Wisconsin.

Real Flea Circus

Other attractions included the home of Al Ringling and a Theater House. Maybe next time on our list of things to do.

Lots of Artifacts to blow you away

Al Ringlings Home

Circus costumes


  1. I remember visiting when I was a kids too and also took my kids here. I miss the circus coming to town and I don't mean the coliseum visits but the big tent.

  2. I recall the circus as a kid and wanted to run away to join them. Mostly I just wanted to run away and the circus looked like a lot of fun. I've been to the museum in Baraboo and caught one of their summer shows several years ago. To me it's not really a circus unless it's in the big tent. It's too bad as an adult to learn of all the animal abuses and suffering that people went through in that life. If you haven't read Water For Elephants or seen the movie, do watch it. Hard to watch in some spots but the ending was sweet.

  3. Yes I did read the book. Very enlightening. I do believe no more elephants will be in their circus performance come 2016. Much too late for many others. Was going to make a similar comment on the bad side of circuses also but just didn't have the wording I wanted. Thank goodness for new acts like Circque de Solie (sp?) to bring back the excitement.