Sunday, October 25, 2015


Observation Point
My solo trip to Wildcat Mountain State Park began with the prettiest autumn drive through the driftless area. Winding along meandering streams and guided by bluffs I entered the Kickapoo Valley. Home to one of the crookedest rivers and the canoe capitol of Wisconsin, the area is rich in scenery.

I would have preferred to take HaRVey the RV to the park and stay awhile but alas there are no electrical sites, unless you have a horse of course. This beautiful park caters to horsey people and you need to have one of the equine companions to reserve an electrical site.

So for one morning I needed to absorb as much of the park, since my afternoon was booked.

Observation Point is a must, giving you a wide view of the valley below at 1200 feet above sea level. A little overcast and windy but still worth the trip.

Start of Hemlock Trail
I also attempted the Hemlock Nature Trail to get to Mount Pisgah but I was ill equipped. Made me sick that I didn't bring a walking stick. The ground was covered with wet leaves making my hiking more of a challenge than I would like.  Needless to say I didn't reach the top to view the ancient valley.

Ice Cave

Ice Cave Trail was next on my list and a short walk brought me to a very secluded part of the park. Not so much of a cave but a shallow depression of eroded sandstone. I heard it's pretty neat in the winter the spring water creates a big hanging icicle.

This would be an easy snow covered hike.


Wish I had more time to play in the park but I had to get to my next destination.

The video of Observation Point doesn't do the view justice but I had to add it anyway.


  1. Wildcat Park is one of my favorite Fall drives and walks. Glad you got a visit in.

  2. Love this place. Need to revisit it on our next "warm weather" trip back

  3. This is a great park. I remember standing under the waterfall on one of our visits.