Monday, January 25, 2016

Ice is Nice

For some people the more ice the better. Area ice fisherman communities of shacks are beginning to appear on Lake Onalaska, as the depth of ice reaches 12" and more. Known also as shanties, the small fishing accommodations put the new trend of "tiny houses" to the challenge. Come March when spring is right around the corner, they are forced off the ice before they fall through.

A great rule of thumb-
Thick and Blue, Tried and True
Thin and Crispy, Way Too Risky

My new favorite recreational trailer, a tiny log cabin, built by a dedicated winter fishing enthusiast. He's brought all the comforts of home, including, bed and bathroom and of course heat. In this ice hut there will be an opening in the floor to access the ice and using an augerthey create a hole in the ice from which to fish from.

If you've never been ice fishing before the State of Wisconsin-DNR offers a free fishing weekend every year in January. You can even borrow jig rods and tip-ups from many area state parks.

Besides fishing, many other activities take to the ice in these northern climates. Area winter festivals sponsor softball games, broom ball and snow mobile races. Western Wisconsin even hosts an annual ski jumping contest in Westby , WI.

For me I think I'll wait it out with a good book or movie then head out with all the other snowbirds in Wisconsin to a warmer climate.


  1. I loved seeing all the fishing "shacks" out on the ice, but I'm with you, a good book and fireplace were my vice of choice. Of course now I'm one of those snowbirds...........

  2. Hmmm, they make it almost sound comfortable....but it's still out on the ice. I'm with Marti, except for the fireplace right now...but a good book....always.