Saturday, February 20, 2016

Belize It

Like many people from Wisconsin, we joined the mass exodus of "Snow Birds".  Searching for a warm
weather destination we landed in Belize for this years adventures.

Why Belize? Answer: Mayan Culture, Best Snorkeling and a Tropical Climate.

Mayan Culture Experiences

Adrian & Elida teach us how to prepare cacao.

Enjoyed by the Mayan elites, we participated in the art of making chocolate at Ajaw Chocolate in San Ignacio, with husband and wife team Adrian & Elida.

Dried Cacao pod

Fire roasted beans were ready to be deshelled. We helped grind the cacao and sampled chocolate drinks and prepared our own spiced chocolate bars.

Drinks and Bars

Local spices of hot pepper, cinnamom, nutmeg and local honey were options.

Mayan Language

Even a short lesson in the Mayan language.

Shop in San Ignacio, Belize

Enjoy a short video of the grinding of the cacao, as the oils are released it becomes a liquid.


  1. What a great trip - we've talked about going there but .... Lunch is in order when we are both in Ona so that I can hear all about it!