Saturday, February 20, 2016

Belize It-Mayan Ruins

The Mayans advanced culture is still being unearthed in the jungles of Belize. Many restored sites are available to visit.

We hired a guide to help interpret this amazing culture at the ancient Maya archeological site of Xunantuncih.
(Kinda sounds like z-tuna-sandwich)

At it's peak around 700 AD, Xunantunich had many temples, a ball court and several plazas.
Car Ferry over Mopan River

Located in the Cayo District along the border of Belize and Guatamala, you cross the Mopan River on a car ferry. The color of the river is really this unusual.

El Castillo pyramid

The site's El Castillo pyramid offers a beautiful view of the jungle mountain top.

View from El Castillo

Still being unearthed and restored. The frieze shown here has been preserved by a replica being placed over the fa├žade to protect it.

El Castillo Frieze