Sunday, February 21, 2016

Belize It-Food and Finds

Chicken with Rice and Beans
Some destinations are food fantasies come true.

The selection in Belize was just good overall.

Fry Jacks and Fresh Juice

We had some of the local fare, a staple of Chicken with Rice & Beans, for breakfast Johnny Cakes and Fry Jacks along with the best fresh squeezed juices. From watermelon, orange, melon, grapefruit and pineapple they were all delicious.
Grilled Lobster

We arrived towards the end of the lobster season and picked up some grilled for lunch. It's a warm water lobster and not quite as delicious as Maine Lobster, softer texture and less sweet.

Chimichurri Beef Steak Burger

New Orleans Shrimp Panini

 We found two restaurants with especially great dishes. In San Ignacio (thanks to Richard's referral) Guava Limb Cafe, the most yummy hamburger ever (even ordered it medium rare) and a shrimp sandwich.


Steamed whole Snapper
On Caye Caulker at Vic's we devoured a whole steamed Red Snapper which was smothered in

Some destinations are about the people you meet.

It began with our wonderful hosts, then meeting others on their vacation and the locals. Just visiting a place and seeing the sites wouldn't be enough for us without the interaction of fellow travelers.

We met the loveliest group of people from Canada. They have returned to Caye Caulker several times and now enrich their experience by giving back to the island community by teaching short classes at the high school. From bicycle repair, creative arts, and drumming lessons, passing on their expertise as they enjoy their retirement years.
They invited us to join them for their daily happy hour gathering. A special time to share the days adventures and get hints for the next.

Arman and Karen, some of the caring Canadians
Among our discussions was the idea of "Packing It Forward". Including items in your luggage for donating to the needs of places you're visiting. Since many countries have extreme education and health deficiencies, bringing along a little something to gift is just the right thing to do. Maybe it's pencils and art supplies for the schools. Bicycle and auto parts. Even common medical supplies like aspirin, antiseptics and bandages.
Just think if you bring it down and leave it, you'll have room to bring back your souvenirs. So be sure to check with the community, schools or clinics at your next travel destination. See what's on their wish list and have them email you a letter certifying any more valuable items are a gift to pass any snags at customs.

Happy Hour Spot
Some refreshments.
Besides fresh fruit juices, the local beer was Belikin. Of  course we paired it with our usual Bloody Mary.
Another local flavor was Cashew Wine, not my favorite but had to give it a try, since it was made in Belize.

Spicy Bloody and a Belikin Beer

Local Wine

Local Flora

Other Favorite Finds.

The local flowers are a delight.

Local Flora

Howler Monkeys


You never forget the sound of Howler Monkeys.

Swinging Stop

Shopping with Yadi

Some unique bars and restaurants.

Souvenir shopping.

Modern Influences

Sometimes you just wonder.


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  1. I love the idea of the swinging table and benches. I've never heard a Howler monkey, but imagine they are quite loud. The concept of pack it forward is interesting and very sweet.