Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Midway Prairie Garden

Next time you're on the Great River State Trail check out the prairie garden at Midway. Located at the corners of OT and ZN you'll find a little oasis next to the parking lot. Established in 2013, the plants are now mature enough to really enjoy.

As a project for the Volunteer Master Naturalist program, I created signage for the 21 different native plants on display. Signage displays the common name used for the plants. To find out more information I also created a blog site with listings dedicated to each plant. It describes the attributes and benefits of each plant and why you'd love to add them to your garden.

Along with the proper botanical name and other links to learn more, I've also been adding photos of each plant. The photos document their winter and fall interest, along with identifying the plant as it emerges in early spring. Plus of course the plant in all it's glory blooming during the summer time.

Hope you enjoy!

Next time you add a plant to your garden be sure to Go Native!

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  1. This is a really nice addition to the trail. It must be fun to see the new plantings take hold and start to mature.