Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Thing

You don't have to travel to Englands' Stonehenge to experience the Vernal Equinox this Sunday. Only a few miles north of Perrot State Park in the little town of Fountain City you'll find the Megalithic Gardens of Kinstone Circle.

Stone Features


The humongous endeavors by Kristine Beck, on her family's farmland, have been evolving over the past 6 years. From stone circles and astronomical alignments to permaculture and natural building workshops, her efforts are worth investigating.

One of many circles at Kinstone

At  you'll get all the details and more. Definitely worth a visit or maybe even take a class on cordwood construction or learn how to make an outdoor oven.


Chapel under cordwood construction-2013

Sunday's events at Kinstone include a Sunrise Gathering and a Sunset Drum Circle, celebrating the end of winter and arrival of spring.


  1. Looks like a gemstone to investigate.

  2. I had no idea this was so nearby. You find the coolest stuff.