Thursday, September 15, 2016

Finders Keepers

We have it ingrained in us to pick up and behold objects. We examine them for their beauty, try and discover their secrets and the connection to the universe. Maybe it's an unusual rock that catches your eye, a leaf turning its autumn color or picking up something that's out of place. Perhaps an object made by man that has been lost or discarded.

It is taught at an early age if you find something you should try and return it to it's rightful owner. You look around to see if others are near by or you carry it to the nearest location to surrender it to a lost and found box to sit and wait.

At Perrot State Park numerous items are turned in by visitors or staff. From socks and hats to lens caps and sunglasses. Often even more valuable items like cell phones and cameras. The staff does their due diligence to reconnect these personal items with their owners. Trying to look for clues in photos or phone numbers.

Recently a most unusual item was found by park staff in one of the shower buildings in the campground. It appeared to be left behind on purpose because it had a note to go with it. The creator wished for the person that found it to keep it. The note relieving them of any guilt for wanting to pocess the little artistic treasure.

The discovery was in fact part of an artistic movement called Art Abandonment. A way for artists to share their creative passion with a random person. Leaving the note absolving the finder of any quilt from the moral dilemma of keeping it.

The moral of the story is

No Lossers Weepers the Finders the Keeper

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